International Seminar – 300 participants

UseYourTalents heeft in Frankrijk een Internationaal Seminar verzorgd met als thema samenwerken en het benutten van talent. De 300 deelnemers hebben zowel plenair als in subgroepen genoten van het programma.

Referentie Opdrachtgever:

“Cooperation with Use Your Talent has been a pleasure. During the process – investigating our needs, initiating, discussing & executing the program – Use Your Talents thinks with you and tries to find solutions for questions, hesitations or time/budget constraints. Their approach is professional during each stage of the process and not unimportant, inspiring for us! The results: Happy people in the workshops, new ways of thinking, insights in each other’s talents, cooperation, achieving innovative ideas for our department, competition between teams in the process, give management insight in the various talents that are present in our department and a lot of fun!! The two times we worked with Use Your Talents, they managed to reach a really high energy level amongst all (300) participants.

If you are looking for an innovative, creative event for your company, we would definitely recommend UseYourTalents!”

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